Julia Gillard V Wilson Tuckey

Ms GILLARD – When I introduced the legislation today in the House, I did three things that the Howard government did not do in the last parliament. First, I brought a piece of workplace relations legislation to the parliament that has the mandate of the Australian people-

Applause from the gallery-

The SPEAKER-Order! The gallery will remain silent.

Ms GILLARD-The Howard government did not take Work Choices to the Australian people, because they knew it would be rejected. They snuck it in after the last election; they did not bring a piece of legislation to this parliament with the mandate of the Australian people.

Mr Tuckey – Mr Speaker, I raise a point of order. Is it now going to be your policy that the parliamentary chamber is going to be something like a football field and we are going to have cheer squads? We could bring some in, and maybe we should have some with flags. This roaring, chanting and clapping is not part of the processes of this place.

The SPEAKER-To the extent that the member for O’Connor is correct in his final statement, there have been certain events today where there has been interaction from the gallery. In the context of the matters before us, I think that was appropriate. But I remind everybody that, in the upholding of the dignity of this chamber, outbursts from the gallery should be minimised, and if they continue they will lead to people being invited to leave the gallery.

Ms GILLARD-I am sure we will all live in fear of the dimension of the member for O’Connor’s cheer squad when it turns up.

Mr Tuckey-Mr Speaker, on the point of order, I will pick some better looking ones than they have!


Will I ever grow out of it?

February 20, 2008


Most people I know are over the whole lolcat thing, but me… well I just added ICHC to my blogroll…

As I write this today, I am a broken and humbled person. My dreams of worldwide culinary respect and adoration have been shattered like the hopes of a US presidential candidate without billionaire backers.

For those of you who weren’t present, here is an excerpt from last night’s episode of Mumble Bee’s Adventures in Dodgy Home Cookery

Attenborough-style voice over dude:

“And here we see two humans deeply involved in the task of assembling a dish for their dinner. On the kitchen bench we see all of the usual ingredients for nachos.

But wait… what’s this?

They’ve followed the usual recipe of adding corn chips to the plate, then topping them with a layer of mince, sauce and cheese on top, but contrary to the usual custom they’re still going! They’ve added another layer of corn chips followed by a layer of mince, sauce and cheese!”

I was pretty much convinced that our newly created ‘Nacho Lasagne’ dish was some kind of amazing world first. I was picturing it in the record books… (while somehow ignoring the fact that they probably don’t even have record books for the creation of new recipes.)

Sadly my dreams all came crashing down around me when I checked the internets just now to discover a plethora of recipes for various incarnations of ‘Mexican Lasagne’. Seems that people are once again proving to be more intelligent than I have given them credit for. It appears that there has been an underground movement of ‘Mexican Lasagne’ production in the works for some time…

But why was I unaware of this until now?

(I mean… clearly it’s not because my attention span for things to do with food is about as short as my attention span for thinking up decent analogies…)

Why are the joys of Nacho Lasagne not being celebrated worldwide?

There is something holding this dish back! And as I have not found any likely contenders in my incredibly extensive two minute google search, I must now proclaim it to be… invisible forces of evil!

Ok, so at this point I was planning to unwind a great plot involving secret government agencies, the twisted corporate interests of several well known multinational companies, and a few more of the usual ingredients employed by conspiracy theorist nutjobs, but the reality is that I’m getting hungry and I need to go buy coathangers.

So in an attempt to wrap this up in a manner somewhat approaching a neat conclusion, I will now do what everyone else does in a situation like this. I’ll blame Scientologists…